Remediation Completed at Former Pistol Range Site in Thetis Lake Regional Park

Mar 05, 2015

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District has remediated the former pistol range at Thetis Lake Regional Park.

For over a hundred years, various police forces, security companies and gun clubs in the greater Victoria area used an area of land which is now included in Thetis Lake Regional Park as a firing range, which led to contamination by metals from bullets and casings. Ownership and management of the site were transferred to the CRD in 1994 as part of Thetis Lake Regional Park. All pistol and gun club activities ceased in 1999.

“The site was deemed contaminated under provincial legislation and required remediation. After the CRD accepted the land as a Regional Park, as responsible stewards, we took on the responsibility to address the contamination associated with it to ensure public safety,” said CRD Regional Parks Committee Chair Susan Brice. “Our goal was to clean up the site and retain it as parkland­­. We are pleased to confirm that the site has no associated unacceptable risks for human health or the environment and the remediation was completed on time and within budget.”

The CRD and its consultant, SNC-Lavalin, completed the remediation in 2014. The work involved excavating shallow surface soils, dismantling the soil berms and removing contaminated soil from the 0.75-hectare site. Shallow soil contamination was found in the top layer of soil and in the berms. Following excavation, SNC-Lavalin prepared a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment which concluded that there were no unacceptable risks associated with current site conditions.

 “The next phase of the project involves restoring this site,” said Brice. “Restoration options will be considered­ by the CRD Board. The site will remain closed to the public until the restoration is complete.”

Between 2005 and 2012, the CRD contributed $80,000 per year into a project reserve fund. The total funding for the project was $787,330, which included a $74,720 grant from the BC Brownfields Renewal Fund. $709,700 was spent on remediation, with the balance of funds reserved for the site restoration phase. 

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