Management Plan Updated for Brooks Point Regional Park

Dec 11, 2014

Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board and Regional Parks Committee have approved an updated management plan for Brooks Point Regional Park on Pender Island. CRD staff worked with an advisory group to develop the updated plan, which provides direction to support the development, management and operation of the park.

Highlights of the updated plan include:

  • Updated park vision, direction statements, park management goal, objectives and actions
  • Updated list of high-priority implementation actions with cost estimates
  • Stronger environmental conservation statements
  • Addition of guidelines for environmental conservation

An update to the management plan was required as the result of a 2010 land acquisition which connects Brooks Point and Gowlland Point and completes the regional park boundary. The advisory group, comprised of members involved in the purchase of the park lands over the past 15 years, provided advice to the CRD throughout the management plan update process.

“The plan was unanimously approved by the Advisory Group and the public comments they received indicate strong support for it,” said Mike Walton, Senior Manager, Regional Parks. “I would like to thank advisory group members for their considerable time and effort. We appreciate their commitment to the park.”

“This collaborative effort with the CRD ensures strong ongoing support for the conservation focus of the Plan and provides a good example of the CRD’s commitment to engage in an open public consultation process,” said Paul Petrie of the Pender Islands Conservancy Association.

Brooks Point Regional Park is located at the southwest tip of South Pender Island. The park is made up of Brooks Point and Gowlland Point, and a parcel of land that connects the two, which was purchased in 2010.

Lands for the park were purchased over the years through the Land Acquisition Fund, and with funding assistance from the Pender Islands Conservancy Association (PICA), the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC), the Islands Trust Fund (ITF), Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT),

Friends of Brooks Point and by a donation from the Brooks family. The original park management plan was approved by the CRD Board in 2008. Read the updated management plan.


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