2015 Kitchen Scraps Landfill Ban and Long-term Processing Plans

Oct 08, 2014


Victoria, BC–The Capital Regional District (CRD) Board has voted to start the Request for Proposals (RFP) process for the development of a kitchen scraps processing facility in, or within proximity of, the region. The RFP process has the best potential to create long-term and sustainable local processing capacity. The construction completion date of a processing facility is dependent on technology and location and could take up to two years.

The first step in the RFP process is to issue an Expression of Interest (EOI), which will be issued later this month. Preferred kitchen scraps processing proponents will be selected from the EOI submissions and will participate in a collaborative RFP process to ensure the proposals best meet the needs of participating municipalities. Key considerations include ownership, procurement, type of technology and location.

The kitchen scraps landfill ban starts January 1, 2015. Currently, the Hartland kitchen scraps transfer station is open to both public and private haulers and tonnages are increasing steadily. Kitchen scraps are being transferred from Hartland and processed by Harvest Power to produce both green energy and compost. Other on- and off-Island processing facilities are also available to take kitchen scraps from our region.

In April 2012, the CRD Board voted to implement a region-wide kitchen scraps strategy. Kitchen scraps include meat, bones, grains, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits and soiled paper products. Kitchen scraps collection programs will save landfill airspace and help to ensure that the CRD meets its waste diversion goals. Regional greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change will also be reduced. In addition, kitchen scraps processing will create a valuable resource, such as compost and/or biogas.


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