CRD Helps Hotel Grand Pacific Adopt Solar Water Heating System

Aug 14, 2014

Victoria, BC– Deriving a portion of its hot water heating needs from solar power is the latest addition to the award-winning Hotel Grand Pacific’s list of attractions.

Victoria’s top-rated hotel accessed funding for an eight-panel rooftop solar thermal water heating system through the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) Solar CRD program. The hotel acquired the solar hot water heating system with the assistance of a $4,750 rebate sponsored by the Solar CRD program, making it the first hotel in the region to take advantage of the rebate program.

“It’s impressive what those panels are doing,” says Reid James, Hotel Grand Pacific General Manager. “Solar is one of the best fits for the hotel industry in BC, since we have more occupants from May to September when we have the most sunshine hours so the sun “mirrors” the high operation season of the hotel.”

Captured solar energy from the rooftop panels is supplying 2,700 litres of the Hotel’s domestic hot water and pool heating.

“Solar energy is a renewable resource that can displace fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gases,” says Nils Jensen, Chair of the CRD Environmental Services Committee. “The CRD Solar incentive program is great news for anyone wanting to control their future energy costs and contribute to sustainable communities. Greenhouse gases from buildings account for 37% of the total emissions generated in the region.”

The Solar CRD program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Clean Energy Fund and is a partnership between the City of Colwood and the CRD. More than 75 grants remain and are available on a first come, first serve basis across the Capital Region to help homes and businesses go solar.

“We congratulate the Hotel Grand Pacific for their leadership,” says Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin. “Cities, working with their citizens and businesses, have the greatest opportunity to affect climate change. The City of Victoria is proud to support the Solar CRD program, encouraging businesses and individuals to make choices today that will benefit our environment and community for generations to come.”

“Investments in clean energy technologies will help maintain Canada’s competitiveness and reduce energy costs while helping protect the environment,” said the Honourable Greg Rickford, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources. “Our Government is investing in this project to encourage clean energy innovation and help create high-quality jobs for Canadians.”

The solar program incentives cover up to a third of the cost of a solar hot water system. After incentives, eligible solar systems cost $5,500 on average, or $56 per month, with financing. Lower priced seasonal systems are also available.

To be suitable for solar, a home or business needs to be in a location with little to no shade on the roof. There also has to be between two and five square metres of space available on the roof for the solar panels and space inside for a second hot water tank for solar pre-heated water.

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