Trail Detour at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park for Dam Outlet Upgrade

Jul 21, 2014

Victoria, BC- The Capital Regional District is upgrading the dam outlet at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. The dam will be upgraded to replace the existing weir structure, which will be removed. Construction during the project will result in a closure of the shoreline trail between Beaver Beach and the Filter Beds parking area from August 5 to October 17, 2014. Park users will be re-directed to use another trail in the vicinity during the construction.

"The construction of a dam, spillway, fishway and control works will update this structure to present-day provincial standards," said CRD Regional Parks Committee Chair Susan Brice. "The upgraded dam will result in a fish-friendly spillway, and finer control of water outflow, which will contribute to enhanced fish habitat in Colquitz Creek. A pedestrian bridge will be installed below the new dam and spillway to allow continued use of the Beaver Lake shoreline trail across Colquitz creek."

For nearly 25 years and through a water licence with the Province of British Columbia, CRD Regional Parks has released water in Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park through a dam into Colquitz Creek to maintain fish habitat during the summer months. The dam will be located downstream of the existing weir by approximately seven metres.

The decision to upgrade the dam was based on an engineering review, recommendation and consultation with the BC Dam Safety Branch in order to meet new dam safety requirements. The project to upgrade the existing dam is identified in the Regional Parks 2014 Capital Budget. $485,000 is budgeted for the construction of the new dam: $435,000 from CRD Regional Parks and $50,000 from the District of Saanich.


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