Regional Source Control Program Meeting Targets

Jun 12, 2014


Victoria, BC –
The nationally recognized Capital Regional District (CRD) Regional Source Control Program (RSCP) is meeting its targets, as indicated in the RSCP five year plan. The plan covers program work for 2011-2015 and includes initiatives, innovations and stages of progress related to the four plan strategies: (1) Coordinated Inspections and Monitoring, (2) Coordinated Outreach and Education, (3) Program Reviews and Metrics, and (4) Research and Emerging Technologies.

RSCP staff continue to collaborate with other jurisdictions to improve efficiencies and customer service. In 2012, the program adopted a sector-by-sector approach to code of practice inspections, focusing on enhanced customer service and support in achieving compliance.

The RSCP has successfully delivered a number of educational programs to promote pollution prevention, including medication return sessions and the Green 365 campaign, which encourages sustainable behaviour changes inside and outside the home. The RSCP continues to play an active role as the CRD moves forward with advancing wastewater treatment in the region.    

The RSCP also continues to investigate emerging contaminants, found in personal care products and cleaning detergents, and test new treatment technologies for future reduction strategies. Managing and tracking program deliverables ensure that the program is meeting its identified success measures.

The CRD is recognized globally in the scientific community for the planning, development and delivery of the source control program, which focuses on pollution prevention in the wastewater system.

The program is essential in supporting a number of CRD corporate strategic priorities, in particular the Regional Environmental Stewardship priority which captures the CRD’s commitment to collaborating with all levels of government, as well as the private and public sector, to protect ecosystems and conserve natural resources.

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Environmental Partnerships, Capital Regional District
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