New Curbside Schedules Available with Blue Box Program Updates

Jun 11, 2014


Victoria, BC – New curbside schedules started June 1st and residents have several options to access their new recycling schedule. Running from June 1, 2014 until April 30, 2015, these new schedules take into account some preparation changes affecting recycling in the region. There are no changes to collection days for residents.

In our region, there are only minor changes to the preparation of recyclable materials at the curb, as we already collect most of the materials that are part of the new Multi-Materials BC (MMBC) provincial-wide program of packaging and printed paper (PPP) recycling. One change that affects curbside recycling participants is the requirement to separate glass from all other recyclables. MMBC’s processing facilities require glass be kept separate to maximize recycling material quality, therefore clean glass packaging (bottles & jars) should be placed in a separate receptacle adjacent to your blue box. An appropriate receptacle can be a second blue box or another container similar in size. With the transition to the new PPP program, the CRD Board has agreed to participate in MMBC’s program for the duration of our current collection contract, to the end of April 2015.

Need a new curbside schedule? Residents have several options to access their new recycling schedule:

  1. Download an electronic copy from our website at:  
  2. Sign up for text, email, twitter or phone reminders online or through our new app
  3. Request a printed schedule be mailed to you by completing a request form online or by calling the CRD Hotline at 250.360.3030 or emailing


For media inquiries, please contact:
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