Harbour Resource Partners Selected as Preferred Proponent for the Region’s New Wastewater Treatment Plant

May 02, 2014

VICTORIA BC – The Seaterra Commission announced today Harbour Resource Partners (HRP) has been selected as the preferred proponent to design, build and partially finance the planned Wastewater Treatment Plant at McLoughlin Point, the Victoria Harbour Crossing and the Marine Outfall.

“The innovative design that Harbour Resource Partners proposes will meet the wastewater treatment needs of the core area of our region well beyond 2065,” said Brenda Eaton, Seaterra Commission Chair. “HRP’s winning bid keeps the Program on budget and proposes an innovative, environmentally progressive facility that our region can be proud of. We look forward to sharing the design details once a final agreement has been reached.”

The Seaterra Program received three compliant and impressive bids in response to the McLoughlin Wastewater Treatment Plant Request for Proposals. This announcement does not lead to any additional financial commitments on the part of Seaterra or the CRD.

“We anticipate that the negotiations to get us to a final agreement will take approximately four to eight weeks,” said Eaton. “At that time, we will be able to share with the public the costs, as well as the architectural and innovative technical details of the proposal. However, no contract will be signed until siting is determined.”

Selecting the Preferred Proponent is the first stage of reaching a final agreement for the McLoughlin wastewater treatment plant.

The Treatment Plant is the keystone facility for the Seaterra Program and will provide enhanced primary and secondary treatment for the region’s core area wastewater. This represents a huge step forward from the current level of treatment and will bring the core area into compliance with provincial and federal government environmental regulations.

HRP’s proposal complies with the design and architectural guidelines that were developed with input from the municipalities of Esquimalt and Victoria and approved by the Esquimalt council. The new facility will be designed to include innovative wastewater treatment options, including heat recovery for the plant and administrative buildings. The administrative buildings will also be built to a LEED Gold standard.

HRP represents top-tier global expertise in wastewater treatment plant financing, design, construction and operations coupled with local knowledge and experience gained on past CRD projects. These prominent firms are also included in HRP – AECOM Canada, Graham Infrastructure, CEI, SENA, Gracorp and Michels Canada.

The Seaterra Program is jointly funded by federal, provincial governments and the CRD. The total proposed federal contribution will be up to $253.4 million, the total provincial contribution is a maximum of $248 million and the CRD will provide the balance of $281.3 million.

The Seaterra Program will provide cost-effective wastewater treatment for the core area that meets all regulatory requirements and is flexible to adapt to new technologies and higher levels of treatment in the future. The practice of dumping raw sewage into the ocean is no longer acceptable and by 2018, Greater Victoria will no longer be releasing untreated wastewater into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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For media inquiries, please contact:
Kim Van Bruggen, APR
Communications Manager, CRD Seaterra Program

On April 7, 2014, Esquimalt council voted not to approve the Capital Regional District’s (CRD’s) request for changes to the zoning of the McLoughlin Point site for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This decision does not change the requirement for the CRD to comply with provincial and federal regulations that stipulate the CRD must provide secondary sewage treatment for core area municipalities prior to the federal deadline of 2020.

The CRD Board will determine the next steps concerning the siting of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Until directed otherwise by the CRD Board, the Seaterra Program will continue with the implementation of the approved Liquid Waste Management Plan. This includes construction already underway, ongoing procurement processes for several facilities and community engagement efforts. We will provide any updates on our website and at Open Houses as we move forward.