Hartland Land Transfer Provides Opportunities for Synergies

Apr 16, 2014


Victoria, BC– The Capital Regional District (CRD) Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan includes the development of a Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) at the Hartland landfill North site. The RRC will require an estimated 2.7 hectares (ha) of the overall 131 ha Hartland landfill. The seven municipalities who participate in the Core Area Liquid Waste function are only some of the participants in the solid waste operation which involves all thirteen municipalities and three electoral areas.

The Hartland landfill North lands are available for a number of opportunities identified in the CRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan:

  • approved Resource Recovery Centre site
  • alternative Hartland commercial traffic access
  • aggregate storage, a current use for a portion of Lower Hartland North
  • kitchen scraps processing facility

The siting of the new RRC facility on a 2.7 ha parcel requires a land transfer to the Core Area Service (Sewer Service) from the Solid Waste Disposal Local Service (Solid Waste) at a value or $2.97 million for the construction of the RRC. As part of the transaction, staff were directed to identify other synergies and potential opportunities to optimize the potential for integration between CRD solid waste and liquid waste operations and assets at the Hartland site. CRD departments including Seaterra staff have worked together to identify the best way to make use of resources and enable the beneficial use of the site, infrastructure, materials and products in consideration of the exchange between the Solid Waste Service and Sewer Service. The following additional components have been combined to enable an efficient and effective exchange of interests. The terms of agreement for the land transfer are as follows:

  1. Purchase of all landfill gas by the Sewer Service at a cost of $6.50 per gigajoule (indexed) as of January 1, 2014.
  2. The Seaterra Program will be required to beneficially use the aggregate as they are able to and dispose of surplus materials. Should there be net revenue from the disposal of the aggregate this would accrue to the account of Solid Waste.
  3. A joint road access agreement where Solid Waste will provide the land and the Sewer Service will pave and maintain the road.
  4. Purchase of 8.5 ha of land adjacent to Hartland landfill by Solid Waste from the Sewer Service at a value of $1.575 million which increased a secured buffer for the landfill.
  5. Payment of the incremental cost of upsizing the diameter of the conveyance line to accommodate leachate flows in the amount of $500,000 by Solid Waste to the Sewer Service.

This agreement enables landfill gas generated in CRD’s landfill (Solid Waste) to be used as an energy source to treat residual solids at CRD’s Resource Recovery Centre (Liquid Waste). This will significantly reduce CRD’s need to purchase natural gas for the Resource Recovery Centre. 

This expanded shared use of a new pipeline from the Hartland landfill will decrease operating costs and result in the existing leachate pipeline becoming a backup system. With the new pipeline becoming shared infrastructure between the liquid and solid waste departments that results in decreased operating costs.

The Resource Recovery Centre will be going through a proposal process and construction is scheduled to begin in 2015.

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