McLoughlin Point Rezoning Next Steps

Apr 09, 2014


Victoria, BC - On Monday, April 7, 2014 the Township of Esquimalt rejected the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) revised McLoughlin Point rezoning application. In response, the CRD will be writing to the Province to ask that Cabinet under section 37(6) of the Environmental Management Act to declare inoperative those provisions of the Esquimalt Zoning Bylaw and, if necessary, section 37(5) to set aside bylaws and permit requirements, that the Chief Administrative Officer determines to be necessary to enable the CRD to proceed with the approved Core Area Liquid Waste Management plan. 

“Unfortunately this is where we find ourselves, and we must move this project along. We are mandated to have treatment in place by the Province and to meet new Federal guidelines. Any further delays put the overall budget for the project at risk, “explains CRD Board Chair Alastair Bryson.

The CRD began planning secondary treatment in 2006 to bring the region into compliance with a Provincial order and new Federal regulations. Both the Federal and Provincial Governments are making large financial contributions towards the project to assist with the overall costs for treatment.

The CRD believes that after extensive and exhaustive studies and analysis it has developed a program that will meet the needs of the core area municipalities and residents for several decades to come at the least cost to the taxpayers, while meeting the Provincial and Federal regulations. The CRD also believes it has acted in good faith and has negotiated with Esquimalt an equitable series of agreements.

The Minister of the Environment has approved the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan which identifies McLoughlin Point as the location of the treatment plant.

As time is of the essence, we request an urgent response to this request for a Cabinet Order to suspend the operation of those provisions of the existing Zoning Bylaw 1992 No.2050 of the Township of Esquimalt and, if necessary, section 37(5) to set aside bylaws and permit requirements to allow this important project to proceed to construction. Should the Province be unable to comply with the CRD's request as stated within the letter that the CRD now seeks direction from the Province on how to move forward with the project.

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