Contract awarded for Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank

Nov 25, 2013

VICTORIA – The Capital Regional District’s (CRD’s) Seaterra Program Commission has awarded a consulting contract for the design of the Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank Project to Kerr Wood Leidal Associates.

Kerr Wood Leidal was one of three proponents who were short-listed through a competitive Request for Qualification’s process. Their proposal highlighted the importance of environmental stewardship, meeting the CRD’s good neighbour policy, and being cost-effective.

The Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank will be located entirely underground and temporarily store wastewater flows during high volume storm events to prevent downstream overflows. As part of the project the Kerr Wood Leidal team will design road frontage improvements, including widening Arbutus Road and installing a bike lane and sidewalk. It is anticipated that design work will begin in December 2013. Construction on the Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank is expected to commence in the fall of 2014 and should take about one year to complete.

In July 2013, Saanich Council approved the rezoning and subdivision of two properties on Arbutus Road. This enabled a land exchange agreement with the CRD which would allow Arbutus Road Attenuation Tank to be installed on lands that are already partially cleared and have been previously disturbed by existing sewers. Saanich Council also secured the long term preservation of the vast majority of Haro Woods as a nature park, adding 2.8 hectares of land to Saanich’s park inventory.

The Seaterra Program will post information on design and construction activities, public information opportunities, and tender and procurement information at

A Seaterra Program quarterly newsletter will also be published to provide updates on program activities.


The Commission governs the implementation of the Seaterra Program, while the CRD Regional Board retains the responsibility to determine siting and secure lands for the Seaterra Program facilities, for obtaining the rezoning of lands, approval of architectural design guidelines for facilities and has overall responsibility for the approval of funding agreements and the Seaterra Program budget.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Kim Van Bruggen, APR
Communications Manager, CRD Seaterra Program