CRD Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program renamed the Seaterra Program

Oct 07, 2013

Victoria, BC – The Capital Regional District’s (CRD’s) Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program Commission (Commission) announced the renaming of the Program to the Seaterra Program today.

“The Seaterra Program is a shorter and more straightforward name than the CRD Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program used in the CRD bylaw,” says the Commission Chair, Brenda Eaton. “The Seaterra Program is connected to both the ocean and the land, as it will eliminate the dumping of raw sewage into the ocean by 2018.”

The Seaterra Program name will encompass projects formerly under the CRD Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program, including the Treatment Plant at McLoughlin Point, Resource Recovery Centre and Conveyance System pumping stations and pipes.

The Seaterra Program is now led by Mr. Albert Sweetnam, who joined the Seaterra Program in September 2013 as the new Program Director. Under Mr. Sweetnam’s leadership, the program will safely build a proven, environmentally and fiscally responsible wastewater treatment program for the CRD on time, on budget, while providing best value for money to the communities it will serve.

“The Seaterra Program provides the foundation for wastewater treatment in the core area and Greater Victoria for the next century,” says Albert Sweetnam, Program Director. “We will be building infrastructure throughout the region over the next five years with construction already underway at the Craigflower Pump Station."

"This is the single biggest capital project the region has undertaken to date and it is important that people are made aware of the construction work that will take place in the various communities," says Sweetnam. "People can be proud of the CRD's infrastructure plans to finally put a stop to dumping raw sewage into our ocean."

The Seaterra Program will house current information on the program on the CRD website, including construction activities, public information opportunities and tender and procurement information. The Seaterra Program will also publish a quarterly newsletter to provide updates on recent work and program activities. The newsletter will be available online and at Commission meetings. Information can be found at Seaterra.



The Commission governs the implementation and operation of the Seaterra Program, while the CRD Regional Board retains the responsibility to determine siting and secure lands for the Seaterra Program facilities, for obtaining the rezoning of lands, approval of architectural design guidelines for facilities and has overall responsibility for the approval of funding agreements and the Seaterra Program budget.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Kim Van Bruggen, APR
Communications Manager, CRD Seaterra Program
Tel: 250.727.7464