Panorama Recreation Announces New $59 Annual Youth Pass

Jul 31, 2013

Victoria, BC– Panorama Recreation is offering a new annual pass option for any youth under the age of 19 at a cost of $59 each. This is less than $5 per month! In addition, children of adult annual pass holders will qualify for complimentary annual passes.

Panorama is excited to announce this bold effort to improve community health and make recreation more affordable and accessible for families and youth. The new passes will be available immediately.

We currently offer free access to preschool children age five and under. This latest initiative ushers in a new era of recreation opportunities in response to the increasing concern over obesity rates among children in Canada.

“Panorama Recreation is committed to improving individual and community health through recreation services. We are pushing the envelope on tradition business models believing that reducing barriers will lead us to a more healthy and vibrant community” says Carl Jensen, Chair of the Peninsula Recreation Commission. “The Peninsula Recreation Commission is extremely excited about the innovations at Panorama Recreation and fully supports the new initiative.”

“Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. It’s a troubling statistic because excess weight has many negative effects on children's health. They are at a much higher risk of developing health problems later in life. We wanted to be leaders by significantly reducing the barriers to participation and this program does that.” says Ian Hennigar, Senior Manager at Panorama Recreation. “Recent research confirms that Canadian Youth spend more than 6 hours a day outside of school in front of a screen. We want them being active, playing and socializing in a very safe and welcoming environment” says Hennigar. Source: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Hennigar stated that Panorama will offer complimentary 12 month passes to all dependent children (ages 6 to 18, living at the same address) whose parent or legal guardian have purchased a 12 month pass. There are no restrictions to the number of children in each family. Single parent families will effectively have unlimited access to drop-in activities such as swimming, skating and fitness classes for a monthly fee under $33. Two parent families will immediately save $110 by purchasing two Annual Active Passes rather than the Family Pass that was available previously. Single parent families will effectively get unlimited drop-in access for less than half the normal cost of an annual family pass.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Ian Hennigar, Senior Manager
Panorama Recreation
Tel: 250.655.2170
Cell: 250.704.9346