Response to the McLoughlin Point Rezoning Decision

Jul 16, 2013

Victoria, BC- In response to the Township of Esquimalt’s decision to adopt an alternate bylaw stipulating terms and conditions for the Capital Regional District to develop the McLoughlin Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Capital Regional District issued the below response.

“We acknowledge the decision of Esquimalt Council,” says CRD Board Chair Alastair Bryson. “We communicated the limitations we have within the Core Area Wastewater Treatment function, our legal limitations and we have explained how the treatment plant, design traffic management planning and other impacts from construction will be addressed in the next phases of the design, bid, and build process. The conditions set out in the alternate bylaw 2806 adopted by Esquimalt exceed our legal authority.”

The CRD is committed to working with the communities to provide an opportunity to generate ideas and provide input into the design parameters for the facility and has held design ideas workshops and open houses in conjunction with the municipalities of Esquimalt and Victoria. The proponent in charge of building the site will also be required to work collaboratively with the Municipality of Esquimalt and the broader community to meet the design guidelines, develop a traffic management plan, and address impacts related to construction. The independent commission of experts will oversee the implementation of the project.

The McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant will provide enhanced primary and secondary treatment for the region’s wastewater. The centralized, liquids-only treatment facility will see the integration of many positive aspects of treatment, including state of the art equipment and innovative design elements that will contribute lower operating costs and a resilient facility.

In 2006, the CRD began the planning for wastewater treatment facilities at the request of the Minister of Environment for British Columbia. On July 18, 2012, the Federal Government proclaimed Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations which required secondary wastewater treatment across Canada. The Core Area Wastewater Treatment Program will bring the CRD into compliance with the provincial and the federal regulations. The Liquid Waste Management Plan was amended in 2010 to identify McLoughlin Point as the site for the treatment plan following a region wide consultation process and was approved by the Minister of Environment. All of the Program facilities are expected to be in operation by the spring of 2018.

“In order to meet the timeline and schedule outlined by the provincial and federal governments, we must continue to strive for the approvals required to begin the next steps of the project,” said Chair Bryson. “I will be asking for a meeting with the BC Minister of Environment and her officials to discuss where we go from here.”

McLoughlin Rezoning application correspondence
Correspondence letter responding to alternate amenity bylaw



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