CRD Board Adopts Regional Deer Management Framework

Dec 13, 2012

Victoria, BC - At its December 12 meeting, the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board of Directors adopted the recommended framework to implement a Regional Deer Management Strategy (RDMS) for the Capital Region. The Board directed that the framework be referred to jurisdictional partners to determine the roles and responsibilities of the municipalities, province and the CRD in developing an implementation plan.

Recommended by the Planning, Transportation & Protective Services Committee, the RDMS framework is based on the original Citizens Advisory Group recommendations and input from inter-jurisdictional partners, including representatives from municipalities and the province, at a meeting held October 3, 2012.

The framework has been referred to the municipal partners for their consideration. The Board recognized the importance of moving forward with actions to assist farmers in dealing with the crop devastation caused by deer, directing staff to prioritize municipalities with a significant agricultural base.

Further consideration of a RDMS implementation plan will remain a priority on the Board’s agenda. It is anticipated that the CRD will engage with the Province to clarify their commitment to supporting implementation.


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