District of Highlands Transfers Parkland to CRD

Sep 25, 2012

Victoria, BC - The Capital Regional District is pleased to accept a transfer of 16 hectares of land from the District of Highlands for a regional trail connection between Thetis Lake Regional Park and Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park. The transfer came through a rural residential development of a land parcel which was approved by the District of Highlands earlier this year.

“On behalf of the CRD, I want to thank the District of the Highlands for their foresight and commitment to regional parkland through this transfer,” said Geoff Young, CRD Board Chair. “This land is a key link in the regional parks and trail system and in the future will offer great recreation opportunities.”

The parcel fills a significant gap to completing the east-west trail connector which is identified in the Regional Parks Strategic Plan. The land will be held as a regional park reserve until a route to the east is acquired and developed for a regional trail.

“The trail connector is also in the District of Highlands Trails Master Plan,” said Mayor Jane Mendum. “We are pleased to help facilitate this land transfer to the CRD. It creates a green space buffer from adjacent residential development and helps achieve the complementary vision in our respective plans.”

Additional Resources:
Map of Land Transfer


For further information, please contact:
Laurie Sthamann, Communications Coordinator
CRD Regional Parks

Chris Coates, Chief Administrative Officer
District of Highlands