Citizens Advisory Group Completes Regional Deer Management Strategy

Aug 31, 2012

Victoria, BC - The Regional Deer Management Strategy Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) today released their recommendations to reduce deer-human conflicts in the Capital Region. These recommendations will be considered at a special meeting of the Capital Regional District (CRD) Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, 2012.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the members of the Citizens Advisory Group for their commitment and hard work over the past several months,” said John Ranns, Chair of the Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee. “Completion of the Regional Deer Management Strategy by the Citizens Advisory Group represents an important first step forward in navigating this complex regional issue.”

“We have completed our recommendations and look forward to presenting them at the Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee next week,” said Jocelyn Skrlac, Chair of the CAG. “We hope these recommendations will be helpful in addressing this issue for our region.”

The CAG held fourteen meetings between May and August 2012, to discuss deer-human conflicts in the region with a focus on agricultural areas. These issues were considered based on information provided by CRD staff, an Expert Resources Working Group, input from the public and the diverse personal experiences of CAG members. After much deliberation, the CAG reached a consensus on what they believe is a viable long-term strategy for managing deer in the CRD.

The CRD Board appointed CAG was tasked with guiding the development of a deer management strategy and action plan for the region. To ensure a balanced approach, advisory group members were selected to represent a range of views, interests and geographical areas, including the Core, Peninsula and West Shore sub-regions, commercial farmers and First Nations.

CAG recommendations are summarized in the Regional Deer Management Strategy Recommendations, which is available on the CRD website here.

While the special meeting of the Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee will be open for the public to attend and observe, the Committee has directed that delegation requests not be accepted for this meeting, to ensure that they have enough time to deliberate and discuss the CAG's recommendations. The Committee and Board have heard delegations on this matter and have reviewed the written submissions. Delegations will have an opportunity to address the Committee and/or Board at later meetings.

It is anticipated that there will be another meeting of the Planning, Transportation and Protective Services Committee before the final recommendations are made to the CRD Board.

Additional Resources:
Preamble/Note from the Chair and Vice Chair of the CAG.


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