CRD Approves Cycling Masterplan for Salt Spring

Apr 27, 2012

Salt Spring Island - All the hard work of Salt Spring cycling enthusiasts going back more than 25 years is paying off. The CRD Regional Director and the SSI Transportation Commission are pleased to announce that Salt Spring Island is to be included in the CRD Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Masterplan.

The job of the Salt Spring Cycling Masterplan will be to bring all the data and information into the standardized mapping format established for the rest of the region, and to apply the best practices identified in the CRD Regional Masterplan to the island.

The SSI Edition team will be rolling up their sleeves right away, so that they can showcase the preliminary draft plan and its expected “rural cycling standards” at the Velo Village International Cycling Conference in Ganges on June 22.

"It is terrific to see this exciting initiative moving forward. The cycling community on Salt Spring has worked long and hard to ensure that pathways and bike lanes are included in all island planning and future development. The Cycling Masterplan project will provide opportunities to integrate Salt Spring with the splendid cycling network in Saanich, the Cowichan Valley and Victoria.” Wayne McIntyre, CRD Regional Director

"A Cycling Master Plan for Salt Spring will be significant in both symbolic and practical terms. It will place us firmly on the map as a key regional cycling destination. It will give Salt Spring enhanced credibility in the battle for grant funding and MoT infrastructure funding. And it will take us one huge step closer to the actual building of much-needed bike lanes on Salt Spring to make it safer for cyclists and motorists alike, Donald McLennan, Chair, SSITC

"Much of the hard work has already been done on Salt Spring because we’ve already identified the Fulford-Ganges-Vesuvius portion of the Salish Sea Trail as the 'jewel in the crown'. The BWG's 2011 Cycling Survey established beyond a doubt that the lack of bike lanes and safety concerns are all that holds us back from becoming a cycling destination par excellence.” Brenda Guiled, Chair, Island Pathways and Chair, SSI Bicycle Working Group.



Media contacts:
Wayne McIntyre, CRD Regional Director
Phone: 250-538-0009

Donald McLennan, Chair, SSI Transportation Commission
Phone: 250-538-5567