Deer Management Citizens Advisory Group appointed by CRD Board

Apr 25, 2012

Victoria, BC - The Capital Regional District Board has appointed an 11 member Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) to guide the development of a deer management strategy and action plan for the region. The applicants were recommended by the Planning, Transportation & Protective Services Committee.

“To ensure a balanced approach, the committee members were selected to represent a range of views, interests and geographical areas”, says Geoff Young, CRD Board Chair. The Board appointed five members from the Core municipalities, four from the Peninsula municipalities, and two from the West Shore. This includes representation from commercial farmers and First Nations.

The CAG will meet regularly until recommendations are made in July, 2012 and will be supported by an Expert Resource Working Group (EWRG) which will provide technical and scientific expertise. The group’s first priority will be to address agricultural-deer conflicts.

The appointees are: Richard Christiansen, Wendy Fox, Lisa Kadonaga, Sol Kinnis, Terry Michell, Robert Moody, Patrick O'Rourke, Jocelyn Skrlac, Philip Tom, Kerri Ward, Robin Bassett. A Chair for the group will be selected by the group at their first meeting.

For those interested in following the process, all information and minutes coming from the CAG and EWRG will be posted. All submissions to the CAG will continue to be received through email, or by mail to CRD Regional Planning.


For further information please contact:
Andy Orr, Senior Manager
CRD Corporate Communications
Office: 250.360.3229 | Cell: 250.216.5492