CRD Announces Appointment of Senior Manager, Salt Spring Island

Jan 30, 2012

Victoria, BC - At its inaugural meeting on January 11, 2012, the Capital Regional District’s Board approved a Senior Manager and other staffing changes for Salt Spring Island. The senior position will oversee and support existing CRD services and functions on the island, including water and wastewater, transportation, economic development and parks and recreation. Other functions could be included in the longer term, subject to efficiencies and community needs.

“I am pleased to announce the staffing changes”, said Salt Spring CRD Director, Wayne McIntyre. “The new position and supporting staff will improve the coordination and support of services on the island, providing Salt Spring residents with an enhanced level of service and the CRD with a stronger local presence. This is an investment in our community that is expected to realize dividends.”

In the Salt Spring Electoral Area there are a number of CRD services including sewage, water, transportation, community parks and recreation that have become increasingly more demanding, particularly on off-island CRD resources. As well as more local support, the staffing changes will address this demand by providing additional coordination between CRD functions on the island. All commissions that currently oversee functions will remain as advisory to the CRD Director and the Senior Manager.

Kees Ruurs, presently Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation Manager, will be assuming the Senior Management position on April 2, 2012 and will report to Kelly Daniels, the CRD Chief Administration Officer. A Senior Civil Engineer will be hired on a full time basis and will be responsible for local services utility and transportation initiatives on the island, as well as project management and other technical support services. Much of this work is presently provided by staff travelling to the island. In addition, a Parks and Recreation Manager will be hired to handle operational matters.


For further information please contact:
Andy Orr, Senior Manager
CRD Corporate Communications
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