Gas Tax Fund Allocated to Three CRD Projects

Jun 15, 2011

Victoria, BC - The CRD Board has agreed on the allocation of the 2011-2015 Regionally Significant Project (RSP) Gas Tax Fund. Funding, endorsing recommendations from the RSP Working Group (RSPWG), comprised of senior CRD staff and member municipalities. The $18.55 million in funding from the Gas Tax agreement between the Federal government, the Province of BC and the BC Union of Municipalities will support replacement of the Craigflower Bridge at Admiral’s Road ($10 million) commuter bike lanes and a multi-use trail on the Johnson Street Bridge ($8 million) and policy creation, public consultation and monitoring tools for the Regional Sustainability Strategy ($0.55 million).

“Support of infrastructure projects that serve to improve transportation networks and promote sustainable travel are of utmost importance in our region,” said CRD Board Chair Geoff Young. “I am pleased to see the Board support these proposals.”

Regionally Significant Projects (RSPs) are defined by UBCM as leading toward “reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air and cleaner water” as well as large in scale and regional in impact. The three current projects were determined by a RSP Working Group (RSPWG) comprised of senior CRD staff and member municipalities.

The Craigflower Bridge proposal will include replacement of the existing bridge structure, two metre sidewalks, bike lanes for approaches and the bridge, storm water treatment and provision for herring fishers. The Johnson Street Bridge proposal will include a five metre multi-use trail adjacent to vehicle traffic and bike lanes on each side of the vehicle deck. The RSS proposal will include policy creation, public consultation and engagement and development of implementation tools.

The City of Victoria has also applied for funding for the Johnson Street Bridge bike lanes and multi-use trail. Should the City be successful, the RSPWG will reconvene to evaluate and recommend allocation of the remaining CRD RSP funds.

The Gas Tax Agreement for BC defines a funding structure for the CRD. Half of the per capital allocation for the region is disbursed directly to member municipalities and electoral areas; the other half, a General Strategic Priorities Fund (GSPF) is split between a pooled fund and a large scale project fund. Any local government in BC outside Metro Vancouver can submit an application to the GSPF pooled funds. The CRD currently has $18.55 million available for eligible RSP proposals and has endorsed these priorities.

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