VIHA and CRHD Discussing Re-Development of Residential Care Beds in Capital Reginal District

Feb 24, 2011

VICTORIA – The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) have begun discussing the possibility of combining residential care re-development projects in the Capital Regional District.

In 2010, VIHA named Baptist Housing as the preferred proponent to re-develop the residential care and assisted living beds currently in use at Mt. Tolmie Hospital and Oak Bay Lodge.

At the same time, the CRHD has been working to secure a residential care bed replacement project to locate at its property at Mount View Heights in Saanich.  The Mount View Heights project envisions the creation of a community comprised of residential care, supportive and affordable housing at the Carey Road site.

“We appreciate the interest of the CRHD to possibly participate in a joint-redevelopment project,” said Howard Waldner, VIHA President and CEO.  “I want to thank the CRHD Board for their interest in possibly participating in our Oak Bay Lodge and Mt. Tolmie Hospital bed renewal projects.

As part of this agreement, VIHA has committed to consult with the CRHD on the future use of the Mt. Tolmie Hospital.

“There has been a terrific partnership between VIHA and the CRHD to develop excellent acute care facilities in the Capital Region,” said Graham Hill, CRHD Chair.  “It only makes sense to see whether or not we can extend this partnership to provide better residential care for our seniors.”

Both the CRHD and VIHA are concerned about the need to re-develop aging residential care facilities in the Capital Regional District and will continue to discuss these issues going forward.

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Shannon Marshall                                                                                            
Vancouver Island Health Authority                                                 

Andy Orr
Capital Regional District