Stormwater Overflow Update: Possible Health Risk on Eastern Shoreline of Victoria

Dec 15, 2010

Victoria, BC - Extremely heavy rainfall has resulted in combined stormwater and wastewater overflows on the eastern shoreline of Greater Victoria.

Residents are advised to continue to avoid swimming or wading in waters in Ross Bay east of Clover Point, as the heavy rainfall Sunday that caused the combined stormwater and wastewater overflows in this area continue to pose a health risk. Other areas along the eastern shoreline of Victoria are no longer affected by the weekend event.

"Heavily diluted sewage overflows are being caused by long duration, heavy rains, challenging the region's sewer infrastructure," said Ted Robbins, Senior Manager of CRD Water Management.

Stormwater overflows are caused by inflow and infiltration (I&I), which is rainwater and groundwater that enters the sanitary sewer system. A certain amount of I&I is unavoidable and is accounted for in sewer design. However, when I&I exceeds typical amounts like during major storm events, sewer capacity is overwhelmed and may result in overflows. The eastern shoreline is especially prone to I&I because of older sewer collection system infrastructure.


For further information please contact:
Ted Robbins, Senior Manager, Integrated Water Services
Capital Regional District
Cell: 250.217.9084