CRD Votes to Defer Kitchen Scraps Collection Program

Dec 10, 2010

Victoria, BC - The CRD Board has voted to delay the collection of residential kitchen scraps (food waste) as part of the curbside recyclables collection program by 18 months (to the end of 2013). Kitchen scraps include meat, bones, grains, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits and soiled paper products. The program was originally slated to begin in May 2012. The CRD is committed to the beneficial reuse of waste materials, including kitchen scraps. A delay in implementation of kitchen scraps collection will help to ensure that the program is delivered in an efficient and environmentally sound manner and that it meets the needs of all municipalities.

“Extending the life of the landfill is a priority for the CRD. The CRD will reëvaluate the kitchen scraps initiative in 2011, including options to facilitate the diversion of commercial kitchen scraps from businesses such as restaurants and hotels,” said CRD Board Chair Geoff Young. “Finished compost distribution options for local farmers in the region will also be explored.”

Another factor in the decision to delay the program is proposed provincial legislation to expand Extended Producer Responsibility across the province, which would see the inclusion of all packaging and printed materials in the product stewardship program, making producers responsible for these materials. The inclusion of all packaging and printed materials may see significant changes to the CRD’s recycling programs.

The kitchen scraps collection program would result in long term landfill space savings, but would present a budget increase because of lost revenue from tipping fees. Also integral to the decision to delay the program was a reluctance to introduce additional services with costs at the present time.

Public support for the Kitchen scraps collection and processing was high, as evidenced during consultation sessions held in September 2010. The CRD Board will continue to examine options for implementation of the program.


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