Capital Regional District Launches GreenStart Business Program

Oct 05, 2010

Victoria, BC - The Capital Regional District (CRD)and City Green Solutions (City Green) are launching a new pilot program called GreenStart, designed to educate and assist small businesses in reducing their environmental impacts and improving their bottom line.

GreenStart will operate with support from the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and the Values Based Business Network and provide participants with customized information, ideas and resources on how to reduce emissions through operational practices such as energy use, waste generation, water consumption, and transportation.

“GreenStart provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to operate with better energy efficiency, use fewer natural resources and reduce long term costs,” said CRD Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Committee Alice Finall. “It is an innovative partnership between the public, private and non-profit sectors that will help to achieve our common sustainability goals”.

Participants in the program will work with the CRD and City Green to receive an environmental audit and list of recommended actions tailored to their business. Participating businesses will have a chance to learn from early adopters and will be given guidance by Small Feet Inc. on tracking their progress on an on-going basis.

There is space for twenty participants in the program and applications are being accepted until October 31, 2010. Cafes, offices, salons, B&Bs and retail operators from across the region are encouraged to apply.

“Participants will get to meet local leaders and understand the business case for going green,” said Bruce Carter of the Victoria Chamber. “The program will help to build new relationships, share best practices and makes it easy to take advantage of programs and incentives.”

"GreenStart is more than just an education program—it is a convenient and affordable way for businesses to reduce their environmental impact, improve their bottom line and be recognized in the community for doing so,” said Peter Sundberg of City Green. “We will connect participants with the resources, grants information and tools to bring about positive change in the Capital Region.”

To participate in the GreenStart program, businesses contribute $100 plus HST and make a commitment to set goals and take action by June 2011. In exchange, they receive a $1500 value of time, support and promotions available during the pilot.

Businesses interested in participating in the GreenStart program should stop by the CRD Booth at the 2010 Business Services Show on October 6 at Crystal Gardens or contact Sarah Webb, CRD Climate Action Coordinator at 250.213.2409.


For further information please contact:
Andy Orr, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Capital Regional District
Tel: 250.360.3229
Cell: 250.216.5492