Help Shape the Future of Your CRD Regional Parks and Trails

Apr 29, 2010

Victoria, BC – The Capital Regional District and a Citizen Advisory Panel are preparing a new strategic plan that will set the direction for the regional parks and trails system for the coming decade. Community dialogue sessions are being held throughout the district in May; citizen involvement is essential in preparing the plan.

"This strategic plan will define the long-term 'big picture' framework for our regional parks and trails," said Christopher Causton, CRD Regional Parks Committee Chair. "I encourage residents to come out and help us shape the future of regional parks and trails. Get involved to ensure your ideas, values and issues are known."

A Citizen Advisory Panel has been set up to help prepare the plan and to provide advice to the committee. The 17-member panel includes women and men from throughout the district, and represents a wide age range of people with diverse interests in and knowledge of regional parks. Panel members will play an essential role in engaging the public and will ultimately recommend a Strategic Plan to the Regional Parks Committee.

In 2000, the CRD Board adopted a ten-year Regional Parks Master Plan, now called the Strategic Plan. It had a major influence on Regional Parks and guided the direction of the department over the last decade. It led to establishment of the Land Acquisition Fund and helped guide the stewardship of the natural environment, connect people to the land, and provide opportunities for citizens, community organizations and other levels of government to partner with Regional Parks to achieve our vision.

CRD Regional Parks protects and manages more than 11,500 hectares of natural areas in 30 regional parks and three regional trails on southern Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands.

Additional Information:

Community Dialogue Session Dates
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