Galloping Goose Regional Trail & Sooke Potholes Campground Summer Closures

Apr 28, 2009

Victoria, BC- Please be advised of a full closure of both the Galloping Goose Regional Trail north of kilometre 49 and The Land Conservancy of BC’s Sooke Potholes campground this summer due to the construction of the Sooke water supply pipeline. Sooke Potholes Regional Park remains open, however visitors may encounter short delays, dust, noise and heavy equipment. Caution is advised near construction activity.

The Capital Regional District has taken steps to ensure that pipe installation contractors working along the road and trail will create a minimum of disturbance and will leave the trail and park road in better condition after construction is completed. This is the third phase of the new supply line and it is expected that the project will be completed in Fall, 2009.

The Sooke Water Supply Pipeline Project will increase the capacity and security of the water supply to the District of Sooke. The total project cost is approximately $20 million, and is comprised of 14.5 km of water supply pipe and a new water disinfection plant. The new pipe will run from the Sooke Reservoir down along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, through Sooke Potholes Regional Park, and onto Sooke River Road to a termination point 1km south of Charters Creek. This project replaces the historic Sooke flowline, which was built in the early 1900's and currently provides Sooke with its water supply.


For further information please contact:
Sheila Taylor, Manager, Community Relations     
Capital Regional District
Tel: 250.360.3308
Cell: 250.216.4427


Linda Hannah, Chief Operating Officer
The Land Conservancy of BC  
Tel: 250.479.8053