Slight Odour in Greater Victoria’s Drinking Water

Feb 24, 2009

Victoria, BC –  CRD Water Services will be switching to the Goldstream Reservoir as its source of drinking water supply for approximately 12 hours on the evening of February 25, 2009. This will permit an inspection of the Kapoor Tunnel to be conducted. During this period, some residents of Greater Victoria may notice a slight fishy odour in their drinking water. The odour is caused by algae which are growing under the ice cover on Goldstream Reservoir. Sooke and East Sooke will not be affected by the switch to Goldstream Reservoir and will continue to receive water from the Sooke Reservoir.

 “It’s been two years since the Kapoor Tunnel was inspected,” said CRD Regional Water Supply Commission Chair Nils Jensen. “Thus, it’s essential we check for any deterioration this year.” The Kapoor Tunnel conveys water from the Sooke Reservoir to the Greater Victoria area. Last year’s inspection was cancelled because of a severe fishy odour caused by an algal bloom in Goldstream Reservoir.

CRD Water Services has consulted with the health authorities about the odour in the water. Dr. Richard Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer, advises that “While some residents may find the odour in the water slightly disagreeable, the water will remain safe to drink. There are no health issues associated with drinking the water.”

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For further information please contact:
Nils Jensen, Chair
CRD Regional Water Supply Commission
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CRD Water Services
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