Choose to Refuse: CRD Encourages Residents to Refuse Plastic Bags

Sep 15, 2008

Victoria, BC – The answer is in the bag, according to CRD Environmental Services’ Plastic Bag Reduction Education campaign. By refusing plastic bags, residents can make a difference to our natural environment and the life of our landfill. Encouraging residents to help reduce landfill waste and promote environmental sustainability, the CRD is offering a free reusable cloth tote to those who take the pledge to refuse plastic bags.

Take the pledge to refuse plastic bags.

“Plastic bags end up in our landfills, our waterways and our harbours, causing harm to wildlife, contaminating watersheds and remaining in the environment for a long time,” said CRD Environmental Chair and Saanich Councillor Susan Brice. “By refusing plastic bags, we can reduce consumption, stop plastic bags from entering our waste stream and practice good environmental stewardship.”

Plastic bags often end up in Hartland Landfill; the CRD is continually searching for new and innovative ways to reduce its waste stream, thus extending the life of the landfill. Plastic bags are often made from a non-renewable resource and their production contributes to the need for further oil exploration and to climate change.

The CRD constantly strives to be a leader in environmental stewardship. By taking the pledge to refuse plastic bags, regional residents can join in the CRD’s commitment to sustainability and reduction of our environmental impact.


For further information please contact:
Sheila Taylor, Manager, Community Relations
CRD Corporate Communications
Tel: 250.360.3308