Capital Regional District Board Passes Idling Control Bylaw

Jul 09, 2008

Victoria, BC- Members of the CRD Board today approved a Bylaw to reduce unnecessary idling within the Capital Region. The Bylaw will limit vehicle idling to a maximum of three consecutive minutes, with some exceptions.

Municipalities and regions across Canada have enacted anti-idling Bylaws, including the city of Victoria and Langford. The request to consider an idling control Bylaw for the Region was initiated by the CRD’s Roundtable on the Environment and Dr. Richard Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA).

A region-wide Bylaw restricting vehicle idling was recommended by Dr. Stanwick as a measure for the protection of public health and to address health concerns due to visible sources of pollution. A single CRD wide anti-idling Bylaw will also ensure consistency in idling provisions across the Capital Region.

“The passage of this bylaw in the CRD is an important step in our fight against climate change and pollution in the region,” said CRD Board Chair Denise Blackwell. “I am very pleased that that CRD has passed the Idling Control Bylaw. By alleviating emissions from vehicles we will improve the air we breathe, lessen pollution in our region and residents will save money on gas.”

The bylaw will now be forwarded to the Minister of Health for approval prior to its final adoption, most likely by fall of this year. The proposed Bylaw will be managed collaboratively between the CRD and VIHA. To increase awareness of the purpose behind the Bylaw, the CRD and VIHA will be exploring public education campaign options.


For further information please contact:

Sheila Taylor, Manager, Community Relations
CRD Corporate Communications 250.360.3308