CRD Requests Extension in Wastewater Development Phase Report to Environment Minister

Jun 11, 2008

Victoria, BC – Capital Regional District Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee Chair Chris Clement announced today that the CRD has requested a deadline extension for submission of the Amendment to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management plan by 12 months. The current deadline is December 31, 2008. Project completion will continue to be scheduled for 2017.

The request for an extension was submitted with the Core Area Wastewater Management Program Development Phase Report to Minister of Environment Minster Barry Penner. The report includes an overview of the progress made up to June 1, 2008, a response to the minister’s request for a plan for meeting the six wastewater objectives and a revised schedule for completion of the Program Development Phase of wastewater treatment.

“Wastewater management decisions will have a profound impact on the region for decades to come and the CRD is committed to finding the best social, environmental and economic value for taxpayers in the Core Area,” said Clement. “The CRD recognizes the importance of consultation with First Nations and the public; adequate time is needed to ensure this dialogue occurs in a meaningful way.” Engagement with First Nations is expected to extend well into 2009.

Additional time is also needed for responsible completion of the conceptual planning process and to address issues around Integrated Resource Management (IRM). The IRM report from the province presents issues that must be explored in detail and the CRD needs time to fully investigate these additional proposals. Planning cannot be completed until decisions have been made on distributed wastewater management and the associated resource recovery strategy.

Facility siting is a complex issue which will involve the participation of many parties. Sites being considered are owned by other levels of government or non governmental organizations—some parties have lengthy procedures that need to be followed for ownership transfer. This time frame will extend beyond the end of 2008. Energy conservation, greenhouse gas reduction and resource recovery have grown in importance, requiring a review and revision of the siting process. Some property owners desire additional discussions about resource recovery and the ability to integrate a wastewater facility with their operations. These discussions could have a beneficial effect on the wastewater management project and warrant additional engagement time.

Wastewater treatment in the Core Area includes the municipalities of Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, Saanich, Oak Bay, Victoria and View Royal.


For more information please contact:

Chris Clement, CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee Chair
Tel: 250.588.7587

Sheila Taylor, Manager, Community Relations, CRD
Tel: 250.360.3308