Take the Pledge Lawn Stakes Encourage Residents to Go Pesticide Free

Jun 09, 2008

Victoria, BC - The CRD Round Table on the Environment PURE Working Group’s Pesticide Use Reduction Campaign has invited residents to pledge to go pesticide free. To date, over 100 residents have taken the pledge, with the majority in Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay. Pledgers can pick up a free lawn stake to plant in their lawn, thus showing that they are committed to avoiding the use of harmful pesticides.

There is uncertainty on the health and safety risks of low-level pesticide exposure, especially in children. Pesticides also pose risks to the environment and non-target plants and animals. The CRD advises residents to return pesticides to authorized depots.

“There is a growing body of scientific evidence linking pesticide exposure to both adult and childhood cancers. It is time to take action to educate the public and phase out the non-essential use of pesticides on private and public lands as a preventative measure that can help ensure a healthier future for everyone,” says Nancy Falconer, Community Action Coordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society, Vancouver Island Region.

Whether you have never used pesticides, or are willing to give alternatives a try.
Take the Pledge to go pesticide free.


For further information, please contact:

Sheila Taylor
Manager, Community Relations
Corporate Communications