CRD Water Services Reports Stable Water Use Since 1995

May 28, 2008

Victoria, BC - Capital Regional District Water Services was pleased to report to the Regional Water Supply Commission that water use has not increased since 1995 despite the population growth of over 10% during the same period. The Regional Water Supply Commission has increased its focus and budget on managing demand to avoid having to tap into the Leech River in the near future.

Chair of the Regional Water Supply Commission, Nils Jensen said, “The results show that residents have embraced the need for stewardship of our water supply to ensure we do not have a repetition of the impact of the drought in 2001.”

The report also highlighted the uncertainty surrounding climate change and the potential effect on the security of our water supply. To address that uncertainty the Commission has endorsed an adaptive management strategy which will see changes in the demand management strategy as the effects of climate change become more certain. “Thanks to climate change we can no longer rely on historical rainfall patterns to predict the future” said Jensen, ”but must be more flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances.”

The Commission has a broad range of initiatives to promote the wise use of water, including rebates for water efficient fixtures and appliances, education programs and materials as well as a conservation bylaw. For more information visit our website.



For further information, please contact:

Nils Jensen, Councillor, Oak Bay
250. 370-2635

Sheila Taylor, Manager, Community Relations
CRD Corporate Communications