District of Saanich: Free - Virtual Emergency Preparedness Speaker Series - May 2022

May 04, 2022, 7pm-8pm


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Each session covers a different topic that could include the hazards that surround us, the utilities we use, or a different perspective related to emergencies and events in our community.

Topic: The Saanich Emergency Program hosts Teron Moore, from NSC Seismic. Teron will discuss seismic hazards and how modern approaches are informing earthquake and tsunami risk reduction in British Columbia. The presentation looks into all-of-society, action-oriented and wellness-based risk management approaches.

Register: Register for this presentation online or call reception at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre at 250.475.7121

Check the calendar of events on saanich.ca for more information or contact the Saanich Emergency Program (SEP) office at 250.475.7140 or via email.


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