Zoning Bylaws in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area pertain to many facets of a residence and its surrounding land. General land use zoning regulations may apply to such topics as:

  • garages attached to a principal building
  • structure heights
  • home-based businesses
  • secondary suites
  • parking regulations
  • accessory buildings

Specific zones in a community may include:

  • settlement residential
  • rural settlement
  • rural conservation
  • agricultural
  • commercial
  • industrial

Zoning Bylaws help regulate the uses of land and buildings that occupy a particular property, as well as outline permitted exceptions to bylaws.

Community Zoning

Malahat has its own zoning bylaw and Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River and East Sooke share a common zoning bylaw. Zoning bylaws for these areas are currently under review. Willis Point and Port Renfrew have incorporated zoning regulations into their Official Community Plans.

Juan de Fuca Land Use Bylaw, 1992, Bylaw No. 2040

This bylaw applies to portions of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. The Bylaw provides general regulations and the zones for East Sooke, Otter Point and the Shirley Jordan River areas.

Malahat Zoning

The Malahat area is subject to the Langford Zoning Bylaw, 1981, Bylaw No. 980. Some housekeeping amendments are being proposed and should be considered by the community in the new year.

Port Renfrew Zoning

The Comprehensive Community Development Plan for Port Renfrew, Bylaw No. 3109 includes both an Official Community Plan and a Land Use Bylaw or zoning bylaw.

Willis Point Zoning

The Comprehensive Community Plan for Willis Point, Bylaw No. 3027 includes both an Official Community Plan and a Land Use Bylaw or zoning bylaw.

Rural Resource Lands Zoning

This area is subject to the Land Use Bylaw for the Rural Resource Lands, Bylaw No. 3602.

Amendments to a Zoning or Land Use Bylaw

The process for amending a zoning bylaw is outlined in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Procedures Bylaw, Bylaw No. 3110. The procedure for Public Hearings is also outlined in Section 890 of the Local Government Act.

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