Under The Local Government Act, the Board of the Capital Region District (CRD) has responsibility to establish and approve an annual budget for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. It does so on a calendar year basis from January 1 to December 31. The budget outlines broad categories of expenditures for services and the requisitions (property tax revenues required in addition to any service specific fees or charges) to pay for those services.

In the fall of each calendar year, CRD financial staff prepare a budget document which summarizes any expected surpluses or deficits for the current tax year and outlines a preliminary budget for the CRD for the forthcoming year. This budget document includes budget information for the three electoral areas in the CRD district, and is provided, along with more detailed budget summaries for each service to the members of the CRD Electoral Area Services Committee.

The Electoral Area Services Committee was established by the CRD Board to review and make recommendations about budgets and other electoral area issues for the three electoral areas in the CRD. The members of this committee are the three Regional Directors elected respectively by the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area and the Southern Gulf Island Electoral Area. During the review process, each Regional Director takes particular responsibility for working with CRD staff to review and arrive at a recommended budget for the particular electoral area they represent. After completing this review process, the Electoral Area Service Committee jointly recommends these budgets for approval by the full Capital Region District Board.

The Capital Region District Board reviews, makes any changes (or not) that they think appropriate, and then approves the budgets for the three electoral areas. The requisitions (property tax revenues required) which are approved by the CRD Board in March, after being updated for final prior year surplus/deficits and revised current year assessments, are then forwarded to the office of the BC Surveyor of Taxes which incorporates them into the property tax notices which are sent out to Juan de Fuca property owners.

Information for the Electoral Area Services Committee of the Capital Region District Board.

Budget Requisitions (Property Taxes) for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area

The Juan de Fuca Electoral Area includes six separate community areas: Port Renfrew, Shirley/Jordan River, Otter Point, East Sooke, Willis Point and the Malahat along with the managed forest land. It also has four different kinds of budget requisitions (property tax revenues required) for various types of services provided to the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. These are requisitions for the cost of:

  1. Services funded to all 13 municipalities and 3 electoral areas in the CRD such as: CRD legislative and governance, hospital construction contributions, and regional parks
  2. Services funded for all of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area such as: electoral area administration, JDF service planning, JDF Economic Development Commission, grants-in-aid, JDF search and rescue.
  3. Services funded for two or more of the six communities of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area such as: SEAPARC , Vancouver Island Regional Library, Greater Victoria Library services provided to Malahat, and Willis Point and Sooke Regional Museum services provided to Port Renfrew, Shirley/Jordan River, Otter Point and East Sooke.
  4. Services funded by individual communities in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area such as: a community fire protection service, a community water service, a community sewage system or a community lighting system.

Budget Information

Property taxes for 2013 in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area were collected from different classes of property as follows: 76.9% residential property;4.3% business property; 16.2% managed forest land property; 1.5% light industry property; 1.1% all other types of property classifications.