Water Guidelines for Safely Re-opening Buildings

May 06, 2020 (updated May 11, 2020, 10:19am)

Prior to re-opening a building, steps must be taken to ensure the water in the building is safe to consume.

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the prolonged closure or reduced occupancy of many buildings. When buildings are closed or on low occupancy for any prolonged period, water in the building becomes stagnant and can pose a number of potential health risks to consumers.

It is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure it maintains the safety of the water within their building. Prior to re-opening or fully re-occupying a building, building managers need to take steps including flushing stagnant water, and disinfecting taps and plumbing fixtures.

Depending on the size of the plumbing system, this procedure may take several minutes and up to several hours. Run the water until the water maintains a constant cold temperature and any discolouration has been flushed clear. Cooler and stabilized water temperature indicates fresh water entering the building from the water main.

For more information, visit https://cwwa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Re-Opening-Buildings-FACT-SHEET_FINAL-amend1.pdf