The Salt Spring Island Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC was established by the Capital Regional District (CRD) with a mandate to:

  • Develop and promote an economic strategy for the island
  • Preserve and strengthen existing businesses and attract new business
  • Develop and implement economic development initiatives, in collaboration with other public, private and not-for-profit organizations

The membership of the CEDC consists of the CRD Regional Director and eight appointed volunteer commissioners.


The Commission generally meets quarterly, at the Salt Spring Island Public Library, from 4 - 6pm. Agendas are posted on this website approximately 3 days in advance. Members of the public are always welcome.

Residents, businesses and associations interested in speaking to the Commission about economic matters are welcome to address the Commission as a delegation. Delegations need to register with the CRD’s Salt Spring Administration office, by completing the delegation form, at least one week in advance of the meeting they wish to address. Please note that presentations are limited to five (5) minutes.

Salt Spring Island Community Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

The Salt Spring Island Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) has developed an economic development strategy for Salt Spring Island outlining comprehensive action plans in the areas of tourism, agriculture, densifying the economy, business support, Ganges and Fulford, communication and advocacy.

Please provide your comments on the plan via email by October 31 to be considered in the finalization of the CEDC report. Comments received after October 31 will be considered as the CEDC continues to refine and update its plans.

Community Development Program

The CEDC works primarily by engaging with others who are interested in community economic development; in projects that strengthen the economy and that foster partnerships with other organization and individuals.

In fulfilling this mandate, the Commission will consider proposals that coordinate economic development activities within the service area including the devleopment of an active marketing program for the encouragement of both new and existing island businesses and potential investors. For projects that meet the eligibility criteria, the CEDC will enter into a business agreement with the project's sponsors whereby the Commission may provide financial support to the project. support for individual projects will generally be less than $2,000, but in exceptional cases could be up to $5,000. Please refer to the CEDC Community Development Program for program requirements and evaluation criteria.

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