Salt Spring Island is located just off the east coast of Vancouver Island and is the largest and most densely populated of the Gulf Islands.  Salt Spring Island is an unincorporated rural Electoral District under the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District (CRD). The CRD serves as the local government for electoral areas and most administrative functions are handled from the SSI office.

The CRD Board has established, by bylaw, a number of Commissions to provide community input into the delivery of specific CRD services in the Electoral Area's. The Board may also establish Committee's to provide advice and recommendations in relation to a CRD service or potential service.

More information on the services and administrative functions offered on SSI by the CRD can be found on the following pages:

Details on the Commissions and Committees for Salt Spring Island can be found here:

Salt Spring Island Incorporation Study


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The Salt Spring Island Electoral Area Director Wayne McIntyre is the area's representative at the CRD Regional Board and on various CRD commissions. Director McIntyre was re-elected in December 2014 for a 4 year term.


CRD Portable at 145 Vesuvius Road Closed Due to Mould Concerns

Effective immediately, the portable behind the Capital Regional District (CRD) Salt Spring Island Administrative Office, located at 145 Vesuvius Road, is closed due to concerns with mould. The portable is usually available as a meeting space for community groups and Salt Spring Island residents.

The CRD is working to address the issue and reopen the portable for public use as quickly as possible. Due to the planning and costs associated with undertaking remediation, this work will not be resolved in the immediate or near future. Status updates will be shared as this information becomes available.