Esquimalt Lagoon watershed modelA local group of watershed educators, the Stream Team, has built a series of 3-D models of watersheds in the Capital Regional District, including one for the Esquimalt Lagoon watershed. This interactive model demonstrates how water moves through the watershed, and how non-point source pollution can affect water quality in the lagoon. Volunteers at special events and school presentations use the model to demonstrate how and where pollution occurs around the home and community, and how rain can transport this pollution from around the watershed into creeks and ultimately into Esquimalt Lagoon.

The Esquimalt Lagoon watershed model promotes watershed awareness, aquatic stewardship and environmentally protective behaviour while educating children and adults about actions we can all take to protect and restore the Esquimalt Lagoon environment. ELSI partnered with Stream Team to develop this working model of the Esquimalt Lagoon watershed, complete with hills, creeks and streams, roads, buildings, and golf courses and the ecological features of the lagoon.

Objectives of the watershed model:

  • Increase public awareness of actions that can be taken to prevent pollution in local watersheds and protect local salmonid populations and habitat
  • Educate and empower the local community to be responsible for aquatic stewardship and watershed management through a "hands-on experience"
  • Encourage the development of a personal watershed and stewardship ethic

Book the model for your event!

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